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How about capping the power or making perform loans need to be at a lesser rate?

How about capping the power or making perform loans need to be at a lesser rate?

Well, they brought them in to the light as we say. Therefore, we’re in the market, it is a storefront you choose to go into. Everyone is able to see it because they’re making a decent return. At $17 a $100 I think they will haven’t seen any decline in supply in Manitoba. It to $12 at what point do the guys just go back underground again and we don’t know what the hell’s happening if you drop? Plus it’s nevertheless an amount that is ridiculous of if you believe about this. At $12 it is nevertheless likely to be 275% interest over the course of the season. They’re just a bad idea if you get your head around this. We have to find means to accomplish away with all the requirement for these specific things.

Doug Hoyes: therefore, whether or not it is $21 or $17, we’re taking a look at the symptom, we’re perhaps perhaps perhaps not relieving the situation.

Ted Michalos: That’s right; it is a fall within the bucket.

Doug Hoyes: therefore, we must locate a real method to have far from the importance of these exact things. Okay, what’s the solution to that, then?

If I’d that answer I’d be a really rich other wouldn’t We?

Doug Hoyes: And that is the issue. Just inside our culture today, where borrowing is really so common here in fact is no easy, effortless solution. Therefore, at this time in Ontario you’re not allowed to cycle anyone to another loan.

Ted Michalos: Appropriate.

Doug Hoyes: therefore, the things I do is I get to company A and I have the mortgage and I also then we go to business B getting another loan to settle business A and we simply carry on from business to business. You can go back to the first company for another loan, but the interest rate keeps dropping with every subsequent loan you get if we had a rule that said okay. (mais…)